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Allotment Garden Plots

Interested in growing food for your family?

Don't have enough space at your residence?

New to gardening?

Have mobility issues that prevent you from kneeling or bending to garden?

You have found the right place!

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73 Allotment Gardens

We provide raised beds and in-ground plots for rent.

53 Raised Plots (4'x12')

20 In-ground Plots (10'x20')

Price: $40/year

Everything You Need

Provided with your plot rental:

  • Water

  • Compost from the City of Olathe

  • Access to garden tools

  • Weekly yard waste bins

  • Help in garden planning

  • PLUS information from a K-State Master Gardener offered throughout the growing season

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2024 Application
2024 Garden Rules

All plots are now reserved, but be sure to get on our waiting list  when plots become available.

While you're waiting, join us in volunteer gardening in the Rows for the Hungry, and take home in-season produce in exchange for your time.

Waiting List

If you want to get on the waiting list in 2024, we would love to have you join us. Simply follow these instructions.

  • Contact Melissa Hanlin at

  • While we check for plot availability, review the application and rules.

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